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Escalar el Naranjo de Bulnes

Empieza la temporada para escalar el Picu Urriellu!  +info  

Grimper le Naranjo de Bulnes, dans les Pics d'Europe

Il commence la saison pour les mieux escalades dans le coeur des Pics D'Europe.

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Climbing the Naranjo de Bulnes

Climbing Picu is within your reach: Every summer hundreds of people, with no climbing experience, tread the summit of the South Face accompanied by a mountain guide. All you need is determination, enthusiasm and a basic knowledge of climbing.

If you are already a climber and want to learn about the world of big mountain faces, the West Face is your challenge.




South Direct route: south face

This is the easiest way to reach the summit of Naranjo de Bulnes. It combines an easy climb of 150m with a final climb to reach the summit. The approach to the track is via the Celada channel and will usually takes between an hour and an hour and a half from the shelter.

Without exceeding grade V, the route passes through a system of cracks and captivating flumes, in which there are always grips. The route is very well equipped and the rock is fantastic throughout. The descent takes place in three rappels on the same route.

See prices and conditions below.


Cepeda route: East face

This is undoubtedly the best rock that can be found in Picu. Large and compact smooth rock with dotted grips cover this entire face. The Cepeda route was the first major opening on this face and perhaps the second most repeated route after the South Face. You might consider it as a gate to other major climbs.


Pidal-Cainejo Route: North face

This is a historic route on the North Face of Naranjo de Bulnes that was first opened in Picu in 1904 by Pedro Pidal and Gregorio Pérez (el Cainejo). When one passes through the walls of Pidal Cainejo you can do nothing but admire and respect these great adventurers, who with little preparation and few materials conquered the peak of Naranjo, over 100 years ago.


Murciana Route: West face

The West Face is one of the most imposing faces in Spain and Europe. With a height of 550m above sea level, it is overwhelming to anyone approaching the Vega Urriella. Climbing these fantastic faces is the dream of every climber and could be good preparation for more difficult climbing in Spain.

The Murciana route was opened by the Gallego brothers, and is perhaps the most classic and impressive route of this face. Climbing this face is a day full of intense emotions and immersing yourself in a stunning vacuum.

Two other major routes to note on the west face are Leiva and Rabada-Navarro.


- Direct route Martinez: 1 pers. - 270€.  2 pers. - 350€.

- Cepeda and Pidal Cainejo: 1 pers. - 310€. 2 pers. - 410€.

- Murciana, Leiva : 1 pers. - 540€. -2 pers. -660 € prs.

-Rabada Navarro: 1prs 660 eur

Consult for other routes.

Prices include: Guide entitled “High Mountain Climbing”, liability and accident insurance, all technical material, VAT.



tlf: (Spain 0034)  676 48 99 52

Pau Muñoz Aldana , Guide AEGM NUM:701



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